Accounting Services for Demanding Business

Choose a reliable accountancy partner for your business. Accounting is not merely an issue of tax compliance, it is primarily a management tool for a head of a company.

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Rental Services of Finance Director

  • Analysis of a company’s financial ratios;
  • Selection of management reporting to a company;
  • Financial modelling of investment projects;
  • Cash flow planning and operating capital control;
  • Budget formation and monitoring of its implementation;
  • Selection of a company’s financial risk managements tools;
  • External representation of a company: in commercial banks, insurance companies, state institutions.

Advisory Services

  • Advise on the set-up of a company;
  • Advise on the choice of an appropriate business form;
  • Advise on business funding possibilities.

Services of an Archivist

  • Expertise of document value;
  • Compiling of a company’s documentation plan;
  • Management of a company’s documents in accordance with the document management and accounting rules;
  • Selection of a company’s documents with the expired storage term for destruction, preparation of destruction act;
  • Advise to the company’s employees on document management issues.